About Me

2015-08-08 20.03.39 Hello all and welcome to my blog!

I’m Rebecca, a native Texan currently living in the Fort Worth area. I have an adult son and 2 dogs. I work as a Project Manager for a Logistics company, but travel and experiencing new places and cultures is my passion!

I have always had a huge heart and mind for adventure. Growing up on 45 acres in north Texas, I constantly found myself lost in a creek bed or floating in the tank; that’s a pond for all of you non-southerners. 🙂 I became an empty nester at the young age of 38 and I’m really enjoying my ability to travel more often, both solo and with friends.

In addition to my wanderlust, I also have a great desire to volunteer and give back. I am so blessed to have this life and all the comforts it has to offer. I feel that if I don’t find and take opportunities to help, that I’m taking those blessings for granted.

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