Preparing for Peru: Program Cost


This is short, but as promised in the previous post, I wanted to talk a little bit about the cost of my trip and what you would need to consider. To make it easy for reference, here is a list of the items I spent money on:

  • GVN Application Fee: $250
  • Vaccinations: Varies by program (mine were close to $1800 because of the rabies vaccine which was $930 by itself)
  • GVN Program Fee (Housing, meals, language classes): $495/wk
  • Airfare: $1700
  • Travel Gear (clothes, backpack, shoes, toiletries, etc) : Depends on what you need

You can find a lot of info on cost through the GVN site once you select the program you want to be a part of. My cost with GVN was a total of: $1290. I am with the program for 2 weeks, and I’m staying with the host family for 2 extra days, for a small fee, while I prepare for my 3rd week, where I’ll be off trekking the Salkantay to Machu Picchu. I will also be able to take Spanish lessons for one week that are included in the program cost.

The vaccines were expensive because I added the rabies in due to the time I’ll be spending with animals. I went through Passport Health for my inoculation planning. They were great to work with and provided me with a ton of information and things to watch for while in South America.

I was fairly surprised at how much I’ve spent on the travel gear, but that’s because I’m doing the trek and want to ensure that I have quality items that I won’t regret having skimped on to save a few dollars. A warm coat, sleeping bag, good boots, a comfortable hiking pack, and some waterproof layers. REI has become my good friend the last several months.

I would suspect that I’ve spent close to $7500 preparing for this trip; however, I could have cut at least $1500 to $2000 off of that if I were not doing the trek. Needless to say, this is why I planned for a year before proceeding with the trip. It adds up quickly.

If you would like some additional info, here are a few links:

Global Volunteer NetworkPassport Health USASalkantay Trek


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