My 5 Musts for Travel

I’m surprised at how much I’ve been away from home the last 3 months. I have traveled a lot for work, pleasure, and family since April. I have traveled so much that I am finally one of those people that can pack for a week long trip in about 30 mins…and in a carry on!!

As I was coming home last night from Ohio, I got to thinking about the things I travel with that make my life SOOO much easier. I think we all have those things we have found to make packing more convenient and timely and thought I would share my top 5.

If you have any ‘must have’ travel accessories, please share! I would love to know what you can’t live without. 🙂

#5: The Hanging Roll-Up Toiletry Bag


Love this thing. I keep mine about 75% ready to go. It contains everything I need in the bathroom and for my morning and nighttime routine, except for my shampoo/conditioner/body wash and my hair straightener. When I have to go on a trip, I throw in my makeup and makeup brushes, roll it up, and toss it in my bag. While I’m at the hotel, I hang it on a towel bar and everything I need is right there.

#4: The 4 Wheel Spinner Suitcase

shopping (4)

I recently upgraded my carry on and purchased the Swiss Army brand similar to the one pictured here. I will NEVER again buy a piece of luggage that does not have 4 wheels! It makes life so much easier when your hands are full, your luggage is heavy, and the walk through the airport seems to never end; or when you get to your gate and find out they’ve moved it to the other side of the airport!!

#3: Compression Bags

shopping (3)

I like the Sharper Image brand as they seem to hold up the best. I have gone back and forth on how much I use these over the years, but these last several months, I’ve found that I really love them most for storing bottles containing liquids on longer trips. They aren’t as useful in a carry on due to limited liquid quantities, but when you need to pack sunscreen, aftersun, body lotion, shampoo, etc, for a week or more, they really do come in handy. I got so tired of not only wasting multiple zipper baggies, but just dealing with SO many of them and then certain things not always fitting right. I started using the small compression bags for this and was sold!

They are also super handy for what they are intended for and for storing your dirty clothes on the trip home.

#2: Go Gear Travel Bottles 

shopping (1)

Ok…I am so happy with these I can hardly say enough. These are the soft, rubbery bottles you can find in the travel size section at the store. I was apprehensive when I first saw them, thinking they wouldn’t hold up and they would make a mess, but I was completely wrong! After years of using the old style plastic travel bottles and constantly cleaning up spills due to the air pressure, I decided to give them a try. It couldn’t be worse, right?   They are amazing! They hold a lot, they fit well together in the baggies, and after a half dozen plane rides, I have not had a single leak!

#1: Bag Bungee

shopping (2)

This is my newest purchase, also a Sharper Image product. (Which by the way, I pick these up at Marshall’s or Ross on the cheap!) I am so in love with this after one use, I would say it is the reason this post idea came to me. I forgot to pack tweezers this last trip and stopped into Marshall’s to pick some up. I’ve been having issues with my shoulder getting sore after carrying my extremely heavy computer bag on trips. I saw this at Marshall’s, and decided to give it a try.

IT. IS. AWESOME. I don’t know how I’ve lived my whole life without it. The use for it is pretty self explanatory, so all I can say, is “GET ONE!”  It’s an extra set of hands (or like having a mule depending on how heavy your crap is). You won’t regret it!

Future info to come on Packing Cubes

I picked these up at the same time as the bag bungee, thinking forward to my upcoming 3 week trip to Peru next year. I have heard good things, so I’ll test them out and let you know.

shopping (5)


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