Columbus and Indy

Going to exotic locales like Ohio are just one of the perks of my glamorous job! As I said in the previous post, I really like to just head out in whatever city I’m in and walk around. It’s not Paris, but you can find some interesting sights. I was able to stumble upon a few noteworthy places.

Columbus, OH

I stayed downtown and headed out for a walk around 5 pm. It had been raining all day, but I was able to find about a 2 hour window to get out. I stopped to get a coffee at Starbucks and the barista pointed me toward ‘High Street’; the art district. Most things were closing, but I ended up in front of the State Building. The guard at the desk said that I could walk around and explore wherever I liked. They had a Lincoln exhibit that was quite interesting, and a museum that was unfortunately closed. There was also a gift shop.

I mainly wanted to enjoy the architecture.




About 90 minutes had passed by the time I finished roaming around inside, admiring the vaulted ceilings and marble staircases. My stomach was rumbling, so I headed back toward the hotel just as it started to rain again. I ducked into a pub called Tip Top and had a few drinks and their Pot Roast Sandwich (it was ok). My food wasn’t great, but I did, however, love the bar! It was an old barbershop vanity station. There were about 6 of them lined up along the wall and it probably measured about 30 feet! Gorgeous. And what a great way to re-purpose something so old and unique!


I only had an overnight in Columbus, in which I spent the rest of the evening at the hotel bar, talking to the bartender and a few of the other guests. Let’s just say that 6 am came REALLY early!

After my meeting in Columbus, I drove the very, VERY long 3 hours to Indianapolis. (One little side adventure on that drive was stopping into a gas station to use the bathroom and finding they only had a Port-A-Potty. Not. Good.)

Once I got to the hotel, I pretty much went straight to bed. I had another meeting Wednesday morning, worked the afternoon from the hotel, and went for a walk in a nearby neighborhood after dinner. I’m really surprised at how similar it is to Texas.

These guys were everywhere!


It rained everyday, so I didn’t leave the hotel until about 4:30 PM on Thursday, and finally got an opportunity to see Indianapolis. There’s really not much to it, but there is a lot of history. I had a drink and dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery and then headed down the street to see what I could find.

Monument Circle was a few blocks away, sadly under construction, but the detail is beautiful. So glad they’re restoring it!

20150409_180145 20150409_180339

I then headed back toward the car and nearly had a heart attack when a motorcycle cop came up the street from behind me and flipped on his siren. Turns out, there was a random (or what seemed random) bike ride happening, and they were stopping traffic so the riders could come through. It didn’t seem to be a race, as no one was in a hurry. Just a group of people enjoying the day.

20150409_181809 20150409_181834

Last, on my way to the parking garage, I was able to catch these beautiful buildings.

20150409_162213       20150409_161956

All of this from just hitting the sidewalk with no plan in mind…



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